Monday, September 22, 2008

Pahugyaw 2008

This is the first time ever competition for all faculty and staff of University of Cebu, the Pahugyaw 2008. It was participated by different departments. One of the highlights of the competition was the special participation of the deans and our principal.

In our department, our concept was people from the psychiatric ward were dancing, making fun while waiting for their medicine. Our principal Dr. Agpito P. Pino Jr, act as our doctor. The introduction of dance was performed by the cabaret women, followed by Tahitian dancers, butchikek, coverboys, queen of the night and our finale was conga. I had a video clip of the conga dance. The person who holds a huge injection was our principal, while the last person who waves the hand, wearing a silver dress and holding the word "ward" was yours truly. We settled third place in this competition. The second place is Education Department and the first place is Commerce Department.

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