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Negative Effects of Alcohol & Blood Alcohol Concentration

Do you drink alcohol beverages in special occasions? Did you know the negative effects of drinking alcohol? Alcohol - is an intoxicating substance produced by fermentation of grains and fruits. It is a depressant that slows down body functions such as movement, speech, reaction, time, and thinking ability.  When someone drinks alcohol, it enters the bloodstream. From there it travels to the brain, and because it's a depressant, it slows down the functions of your body. Ethyl alcohol  is the only kind of alcohol used in beverages. The type of alcoholic beverage depends on the type of fruit or grain used in fermentation and the amount of alcohol present.  The most common alcoholic beverages are  beer and wine. Why do people like to drink alcohol? Here are some of the reasons    for drinking alcohol: 1.  Peer Pressure.  People try alcohol when they are in social settings where everyone else is drinking.  2.  Stress-relief.   Alcohol provides the temporary illusion that problems have
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How Cigarette affects our Health and Its Negative Impacts

Do you SMOKE? Did you know what are the chemicals does it contains? Why do you smoke? How this smoke affects to your health? A  cigarette  is a cylindrical rolled paper containing dried and shredded tobacco leaves. Its main component is  nicotine , a stimulant that is highly addictive.  A cigarette also contains approximately 600 other ingredients. The smoke coming from it contains approximately 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are carcinogenic or cancer  causing substance.       Why people smoke? Peer pressure .   People who have friends who smoke may feel pressured into            doing the same to be accepted. Parental influence .  Those who have parents or guardian who smoke are more likely to start smoking. Advertising and media .   Advertisements of cigarettes portray smoking as exciting, glamorous. Stress relief .  Some people smoke to manage tension and relieve stress from family or from work. Chemicals that are found in cigarettes Negative Health Impacts of Smoking Cigarettes smok

Dance and it's Classification

Dance  refers to creative movements or isolated movements. It is derived from man's activities either by mimicking or by creative choreography. This is usually set to a music and pattern of beats. Dance movements may tell story or interpret a song. These dances are called  Theatrical Dance . These are usually performed by dancers on a stage with spectators. On the other hand, there are dance movements that are intended for social interaction or exercise. These dances are called  participatory . Ballroom and folk dances are examples of participatory dance.    How important is dancing?   Some of you may not be fond of dancing or may be probably be shy to dance because you think you are not good in dancing. But you should know that dancing is not only for its aesthetic value or for entertainment. There are other benefits or importance of dancing. These includes the following;  1. Dancing is a form of exercise. 2. Dancing is a means of expressing oneself. 3. Dancing can be a form of me