Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"2nd Prize Winner for BOH Birthday Contest"

     When my husband and I were about to go home after work. He happily announced to me that I won the contest of BOH contest. I was so happy to know it. I didn't expect that I had won. When we arrived home, I cooked right away. Then we ate. After eating, I rushing faced at the computer and check the result. Alas, I really won.

Second Prize:
The Safe Mode

$30 + 24 500 ECs + Pair of Earrings + AD Spaces
Isn't amazing!!! This is really amazing.. Thanks LIZ for your wonderful contest.

8 power mind speaks:


congrats you won :)


Congrats sis. Here's my email ad:

Please confirm your paypal account so that I can send your prize. ^_^




your 1-month ad space will start today (january 30, 2009) until March 1, 2009.

Sorry for the late feedback from me; was busy in school. :) :) :) congratulations once again!

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hi! thank you for droppin by and dropping ec. I returned the favor. :)


hi there! congratulations on winning and you actually have an ad space on 1 of my blogs. so sorry if i wasn't able to grab your badge right away as i was busy with work. anyhow, i'm grabbing your badge now so i can post it in my blog. that's 1 month ad space for you dear!☺

link to my blog is http://theroaditravelon.blogspot.com

Dhadha (I Heart Contest)

Hi! Congrats on winning! Btw, I already sent the 1000EC into your account. Enjoy! :)

Maldita.us [Dhadha]

Hi! Congrats again on winning! :)

I already sent the 1000EC into your account. :)

More power! Enjoy! :)

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