Sunday, May 11, 2014

3 Ways to Make your Mom Happy

Being a mother is the true essence of being a woman. It's the most tough job that every mother ever encountered. Every seconds a mother must have to instill values to her children. Wash every clothes, clean the house, do the grocery (which we love most!), cook for the family, doing all the household chores, planner, organizer, builder, first aider, and everything. It's a 24 hour job without any overtime but there is no complain coming from a mother's mouth for she loves her family so much.

Today, it's high time to give her a break. Here are some practical ways to celebrate the Mother's Day without spending too much.

1. Let her be the Boss this day. Free the mother from household chores. Let her just sit down and giver her a massage. Cook food for her or you can serve a breakfast on bed.

2. Make a paper flower and a card. There are lots of tutorials in the internet how to do it.

3. Invite her and all the rest of the family members to attends mass. During the peace be with you, hand in your card, give her a hug and kiss her. Say the magic word. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her.

Remember, it will take you a lot of courage of doing it if you are not used to it. Pray God to give you courage and perseverance so you can do the 3 simple steps to make your mom happy.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 3 Secrets of Staying Healthy

No one would like to live in a miserable and sedentary life. But how come there are lots of people who are living on it. We are given God's will to do what is right and not. It will take a lot of courage, discipline and determination to do it. As a person, who has been through life's challenges, trials and success. I am going to share to you my Top 3 secrets of staying healthy

 1. Positivity. I used to have negativity vibes in my teenage life. Now, that I mature I learned that having positive attitude could contribute to success and better improvement. All the things happened in my life I treated them or looked at them that it has or it will have positive results. Such as, I had an experienced of falling hair, the condition was called "Telogen Effluvium". It is characterized by shredding/ falling of hair due to eating disorder,emotional stress. That stage of life made me stronger to face the other side of me. I shaved my hair and I found out that I had a very circle shape head. And because of that experienced, I did not skipped any meal. No matter how small it will be as long as I ate before or when my tummy started to asked for food.

  2. Exercise and Good Nutrition. I used to take diet pills when I was 26. I also took another diet pills after I gave birth. Although, I knew it that anything medicines taken it has side effects. As a result, I may consider this crash diet as one of the contributing factors of my Telogen Effluvium condition. Now as part of my motivation is to wear bikini during summer, I enrolled in PRT. Me and my hubby do religiously attended the sessions. I am watchful with my diet. I must not exceed in 1 cup of carbo per meals. I never eat pancit canton with bread nor spaghetti, burger and fries. It will fires you up with lots of calories. If discipline doesn't favor that time and gluttony strikes in, surely burning the body into the gym must be nailed.

  3. Put God at Center of your Life A person who lives through and by the word of God, will have a happy and satisfied disposition in life. But sometimes, when I am in the blaze of glory I tend to forget HIM. That is the reason, that I do faced some trials. I am so proud that I surpass those times for I remembered HIM. This made me realized that in everything I achieved in life, no matter how small it was or it will be, whether is it success or failures, good or bad, I always recognized HIM. That He has a plan for me. That everything has it's purpose or reason.
What about you? Do you have secrets of staying healthy? Come on, let have a sharing...


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Puerto Princesa Package Tour

Summer is the best time to spend a vacation most especially if you are with your family. Booking for airfare ahead of time is the best way to save some penny. Since the airfare will increase during peak season such as summertime. Computer Hope In Puerto Princesa, we stayed in Prima Residences. They also offer the package tour cost Php 3, 950.00 which includes half day city tour, famous Underground River, Honday Bay.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

This is the first time when my baby Chloe greeted me " Happy Mother's Day" ! I love you baby! mwah!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello blogging!

I really missed my blog especially this site for this is the first blog that my hubby made. I even nurtured this and got it's page rank 3. I got 3 blogs after this.These are Buhat sa Tambay Babycoy and Mapeh Org. The Babycoy and Mapeh Org doesn't exists anymore for I don't have time to maintain it. The Buhat sa Tambay or Slogged over Leisures is still active for it has been maintained by my sister - in law
Grace. Now, I'm back to blogging. Making this blog again to come alive.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Page Rank was GOne!

I was disappointed today knowing that my page rank was gone. Whose to be blame, of course no one else but Me!. I've been busy nurturing and building a community in my other sites forgetting that I have this "SAfe Mode". Thus, I paid the price. My blog entry of a certain paid to post company was decline or rejected. I was upset on what is the reason of declining my post. As I go over their instructions, wow! it must be PR3. I knew that this Safe Mode earn PR3 but now I was wrong. It doesn't have a rank at all. huhuhh!!! Well, I need to start again and hoping that I could gain again page rank.

To all my avid friends who kept on visiting my blog. I do really appreciate it. I promise to make it up to you. God bless us all!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is too Short

Life is too short. We never know when we will end in this world. It might be today, tomorrow or next month. Regardless when will that be, the big question is " Are you ready to leave the life that you are used to be? or perhaps you are afraid of facing the reality.

Today, is the right time to prepare ourselves for the next level. It is just the same of preparing for marriage, pregnancy, birthdays and other celebration in life. Death is part of the life cycle. Human as we are doesn't like to talk about our "death plan". We never have a funeral insurance. For us, it is a taboo talking and preparing about it. We better prefer planning on where we will spend our vacation rather than funeral expenses cover. 
Having a funeral insurance in realinsurance makes your second life comfortable and memorable celebration of death. Your family and friends will be fee from worrying the expenses for your funeral and other unexpected cost.

So when you buy funeral insurance, choose the insurance company that is reliable that offers benefits of investing. Two things that is good in this company, one is they offer 10% money back for those loyal customer. A loyal customer is the one who paid the insurance continuously in 3 years; second is Realinsurance gives free will kit which is very essential as you depart in this world.

If you want to know more about their services and fees, just visit

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for a cash advance?

Are you in need? Do you need money to pay your amortization or monthly bills but doesn't know where to go? Do you know somebody who will lend you money in just a manner of 1 hour? Are you need of cash advance? There are many companies will help you attending your needs. Some of them will requires you lots of documents. These documents usually the basic requirements of wanting to have money. What if you don't have complete requirements? Thus, your application for cash advance will be delayed. Or perhaps, you are confused what are the qualifications and requirements in applying for cash advance. Well, in all types of loan application, there is common requirements. Here are the list of it, you must check whether you qualify.
You must be a U.S. citizen, over the age of 18 and be currently employed, and have a active/open checking or savings account to be eligible for a payday advance through MoneyNowUSA. MoneynowUSA is one of the most reliable company in terms of lending money. Their people are very responsible in searching for lenders who will truly be helpful in your part. Four out of five applicants were approved through moneynowusa. It just shows that they are very good in processing, assisting your application. One of the best assets that this company is you are 100% secure for they will protect your information against those people who will hack your information.

So what you are waiting for, visit their website and see for yourself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Me!

Last Friday, April 23 was supposedly the date when I am going to judge a dance and apron contest at Grand Hotel at Escario, Cebu City. I didn't attend the said event due to my husband's calling. He wanted me to be with him that the same time and date. He wanted me to go with him in selecting his sunglasses and he wanted us to watch movies "Working Girls". In this manner, I decline my appointment that night because what is important is my husband. I arranged to my friend a replacement for I don't want to disappoint my love one. The mere fact that he wanted to be with me is really mean something in me. I am so happy that night, and I now, he is also happier than I am.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top EC dropper for March

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Thank you so much for your time.

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