Sunday, May 11, 2014

3 Ways to Make your Mom Happy

Being a mother is the true essence of being a woman. It's the most tough job that every mother ever encountered. Every seconds a mother must have to instill values to her children. Wash every clothes, clean the house, do the grocery (which we love most!), cook for the family, doing all the household chores, planner, organizer, builder, first aider, and everything. It's a 24 hour job without any overtime but there is no complain coming from a mother's mouth for she loves her family so much.

Today, it's high time to give her a break. Here are some practical ways to celebrate the Mother's Day without spending too much.

1. Let her be the Boss this day. Free the mother from household chores. Let her just sit down and giver her a massage. Cook food for her or you can serve a breakfast on bed.

2. Make a paper flower and a card. There are lots of tutorials in the internet how to do it.

3. Invite her and all the rest of the family members to attends mass. During the peace be with you, hand in your card, give her a hug and kiss her. Say the magic word. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her.

Remember, it will take you a lot of courage of doing it if you are not used to it. Pray God to give you courage and perseverance so you can do the 3 simple steps to make your mom happy.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

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