Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Page Rank was GOne!

I was disappointed today knowing that my page rank was gone. Whose to be blame, of course no one else but Me!. I've been busy nurturing and building a community in my other sites forgetting that I have this "SAfe Mode". Thus, I paid the price. My blog entry of a certain paid to post company was decline or rejected. I was upset on what is the reason of declining my post. As I go over their instructions, wow! it must be PR3. I knew that this Safe Mode earn PR3 but now I was wrong. It doesn't have a rank at all. huhuhh!!! Well, I need to start again and hoping that I could gain again page rank.

To all my avid friends who kept on visiting my blog. I do really appreciate it. I promise to make it up to you. God bless us all!!!

14 power mind speaks:


Hello, sis. I suggest you lessen your external links here in your sidebar. those badges, yes, including mine. if you want to keep them, just place them all in another page or a blogpost.

Try to keep your outgoing links per page about 25-50. and yeah, just try posting everyday, so your blogposts get indexed, hence more backlinks from search engines. ^^


apir tau sis....ako din...N/A na...waaaaaa...sayang yung PR3!


@fedhz... thank you sis for the advises. i really appreciate it.

@ dhemz... lagi sis oi. wagtang jud ta ani sa pasing. huhuhuhu


Oh no sayang. Ako din bumaba ng isa yung isang site ko but its okay.. ala na kasi akong time to do bloghopping all the time.


Ok lang naman na bumaba ang PR if di ka tumatanggap ng paid post but if you do the google will actually punish just like me even if you don't have links in my side bar. They know when you accept paid post.


its confusing to know the twist and turns how google updates our pr...
you'll get it back somehow. :)

lovely blog... care to xlink?

Little Zoie's Steps
Zoie's Mom Blogging
Just Love Blogging It
Pink Stuff Galore
Bonz World ~ Meet the Chef Wannabe~


visiting here sis.


visiting here sis.

Mom's Place

hi sis, itong site mo may mga external links at yan ang dahilan at na reject or decline ang paid post mo. ayaw nila ng mga extenal links.

try to remove it para maka kuha ka pa rin ng opps kahit walang PR.


Di bale sis.... burn rising up.. hehehe...... Why is PR always the basis ... haisst Mr. G.. please make people happy... hahaha..

thanks sis for dropping by yung walang PR ko paring blog hanggang ngayon Woman’s elan vital


I too lost my page rank last week... Hope to get it soon.. Dont worry keep linking to other sites.. If you wish you can xchange link with me ""


really sad...but you'll gain PP again , kaya mo yun, burn baby! hard to please ni Mr. G noh....anyway,
let me invite you to my meme - with love Wednesday. thanks!

Spanish Pinay

Hi sis! Thanks for dropping by my site. I'd really love it if you could follow back! :) I am now following you.

blogger nube here... what's a page rank and how can I obtain that? :)

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hopefully your pr will be back soon :)

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