Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is too Short

Life is too short. We never know when we will end in this world. It might be today, tomorrow or next month. Regardless when will that be, the big question is " Are you ready to leave the life that you are used to be? or perhaps you are afraid of facing the reality.

Today, is the right time to prepare ourselves for the next level. It is just the same of preparing for marriage, pregnancy, birthdays and other celebration in life. Death is part of the life cycle. Human as we are doesn't like to talk about our "death plan". We never have a funeral insurance. For us, it is a taboo talking and preparing about it. We better prefer planning on where we will spend our vacation rather than funeral expenses cover. 
Having a funeral insurance in realinsurance makes your second life comfortable and memorable celebration of death. Your family and friends will be fee from worrying the expenses for your funeral and other unexpected cost.

So when you buy funeral insurance, choose the insurance company that is reliable that offers benefits of investing. Two things that is good in this company, one is they offer 10% money back for those loyal customer. A loyal customer is the one who paid the insurance continuously in 3 years; second is Realinsurance gives free will kit which is very essential as you depart in this world.

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