Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Me!

Last Friday, April 23 was supposedly the date when I am going to judge a dance and apron contest at Grand Hotel at Escario, Cebu City. I didn't attend the said event due to my husband's calling. He wanted me to be with him that the same time and date. He wanted me to go with him in selecting his sunglasses and he wanted us to watch movies "Working Girls". In this manner, I decline my appointment that night because what is important is my husband. I arranged to my friend a replacement for I don't want to disappoint my love one. The mere fact that he wanted to be with me is really mean something in me. I am so happy that night, and I now, he is also happier than I am.

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rj's mama

he watched working girls just for you? so sweet :)

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Awww kakainlove naman hehehe.. added you na on my list sis.. Thanks for the visit.. Hope you can join in the Nostalgia meme every thursday..


ay ang sweet sa banana...working girls pa jud gi tan-aw..hehe

BTW...bday sad nimo ron Burn?? or coming pa lang..ingan mi kay aron ma greet ka namong bisdak na bloggers hehehe......if karon na imo bday...happy birthday...hehehe

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