Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday - 13 # 4

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments.
It’s easy, and fun!

There are thirteen ideas/concept/things of this week which I discovered. Here we go!

1. Appreciation is important even if to a small things.
2. Submission. Once your idea is not accepted, you must accept it. Do not frown nor complain no matter
                        how  you work for that thing.
3. No overlapping. I thought that only farmtown omits this idea of layering crops. It also happens in every
                              organization. Starting today, I will never volunteer myself to a certain project. I will stick
                              to the assigned task.
4. My baby Chloe started to use a baby walker.
5. In a certain castle, there must be only one king and one queen. What do you think will be the effect if
    there are two queens in one castle?
6. Creating badge using psd is a new found skills that I am enjoying.
7. Having great friends are worthy to be cherished.
8. Making a into a social networking is great way of connecting to our students.
9. Having a magnetic bracelet is one way that I mellow down myself from stress and problems.
10. Defacating with blood is one of the worst thing that happened to me. It still continue until now, I'm
      planning to see a doctor by Saturday if it still persist.
11.  I missed my hubby and baby everytime, I go out for work.
12. Cooking is one of my skills that I had learned when I was still in elementary.
13. I compute the grades earlier than before.

15 power mind speaks:

Alice Audrey

psd? Is that a program or web site?

Berto and Kwala

your number 10 is really scary. please do go see that doctor.

Take care!

come and see my thursday 13


@ Alice... psd is adobe photoshop, is a kind of software of designing something.

@ Berto and kwala... thanks for the concern. This is the first thing that I will do by Saturday.

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Interesting list composition. Do see that doctor. As for the submission one, I guess we're coming from different places. I don't believe in giving up on an idea, regardless of it's acceptance by others. It didn't always make me popular in the workplace, but it did win me some lucrative raises.

My TT: The One That Got Away

I am Harriet

Wonderful list and accomplishments!

Have a great day!

Americanising Desi

does a magnetic bracelet really do that?

Upcoming and Awaited


@ grandma.. I totally agree with you, I usually fight which I think is right, but in the place where I work, some people are narrow-minded. They looked at it as indifferent.

@ I am harriet... thanks for the compliment.

@ Americanising Desi..
This is according to others, I wanted to check for myself whether it is really true.
Recently, I had a troubled stomach. I didn't know the cause of it, might be the food that I ate nor the water that I drink.I out the magnetic bracelet in my stomach for about 1 minute. Afterwhich, I was relieved.


its been a whiloe since I last participated on this meme..

Yep, we can xlink, i'll add you now.. Please let me now when u add mine, thanks.

Americanising Desi

i m tagging you :)


does magnetic bracelet really works sis?hehehhe....:)
hello mam sis....musta na? mana ang skul?
na akong gamit nga cam kay FUJI...kana ra gong barat...ehehehe.....:)

thanks sa dalaw ug comment....:)
about tuod atong how to transfer EC points sis...all you need to do is click the EC badge of the blog you want to transfer points...tapos you will see a widget on the right side nga "give credits to this site".

let me know if wala nimo diha...have a good weekend!


no. 5 - it will be a crowded castle

P.S. I can't see you on my google connect...(?)


Alrighty, got it. I'm also in on your google connect. Nice to meet you.


I love creating badge too. I hope you can visit My Thursday 13 as well. :)

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