Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Page Rank was GOne!

I was disappointed today knowing that my page rank was gone. Whose to be blame, of course no one else but Me!. I've been busy nurturing and building a community in my other sites forgetting that I have this "SAfe Mode". Thus, I paid the price. My blog entry of a certain paid to post company was decline or rejected. I was upset on what is the reason of declining my post. As I go over their instructions, wow! it must be PR3. I knew that this Safe Mode earn PR3 but now I was wrong. It doesn't have a rank at all. huhuhh!!! Well, I need to start again and hoping that I could gain again page rank.

To all my avid friends who kept on visiting my blog. I do really appreciate it. I promise to make it up to you. God bless us all!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is too Short

Life is too short. We never know when we will end in this world. It might be today, tomorrow or next month. Regardless when will that be, the big question is " Are you ready to leave the life that you are used to be? or perhaps you are afraid of facing the reality.

Today, is the right time to prepare ourselves for the next level. It is just the same of preparing for marriage, pregnancy, birthdays and other celebration in life. Death is part of the life cycle. Human as we are doesn't like to talk about our "death plan". We never have a funeral insurance. For us, it is a taboo talking and preparing about it. We better prefer planning on where we will spend our vacation rather than funeral expenses cover. 
Having a funeral insurance in realinsurance makes your second life comfortable and memorable celebration of death. Your family and friends will be fee from worrying the expenses for your funeral and other unexpected cost.

So when you buy funeral insurance, choose the insurance company that is reliable that offers benefits of investing. Two things that is good in this company, one is they offer 10% money back for those loyal customer. A loyal customer is the one who paid the insurance continuously in 3 years; second is Realinsurance gives free will kit which is very essential as you depart in this world.

If you want to know more about their services and fees, just visit

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking for a cash advance?

Are you in need? Do you need money to pay your amortization or monthly bills but doesn't know where to go? Do you know somebody who will lend you money in just a manner of 1 hour? Are you need of cash advance? There are many companies will help you attending your needs. Some of them will requires you lots of documents. These documents usually the basic requirements of wanting to have money. What if you don't have complete requirements? Thus, your application for cash advance will be delayed. Or perhaps, you are confused what are the qualifications and requirements in applying for cash advance. Well, in all types of loan application, there is common requirements. Here are the list of it, you must check whether you qualify.
You must be a U.S. citizen, over the age of 18 and be currently employed, and have a active/open checking or savings account to be eligible for a payday advance through MoneyNowUSA. MoneynowUSA is one of the most reliable company in terms of lending money. Their people are very responsible in searching for lenders who will truly be helpful in your part. Four out of five applicants were approved through moneynowusa. It just shows that they are very good in processing, assisting your application. One of the best assets that this company is you are 100% secure for they will protect your information against those people who will hack your information.

So what you are waiting for, visit their website and see for yourself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Me!

Last Friday, April 23 was supposedly the date when I am going to judge a dance and apron contest at Grand Hotel at Escario, Cebu City. I didn't attend the said event due to my husband's calling. He wanted me to be with him that the same time and date. He wanted me to go with him in selecting his sunglasses and he wanted us to watch movies "Working Girls". In this manner, I decline my appointment that night because what is important is my husband. I arranged to my friend a replacement for I don't want to disappoint my love one. The mere fact that he wanted to be with me is really mean something in me. I am so happy that night, and I now, he is also happier than I am.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top EC dropper for March

 Top Ten EC Droppers
Slogged Over Leisure
I am Harriet
Make Money Online Now
The Divine Miss Mommy
Leomar's Den
Super Mommy To The Rescue

Thank you so much for your time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday - 13 # 4

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments.
It’s easy, and fun!

There are thirteen ideas/concept/things of this week which I discovered. Here we go!

1. Appreciation is important even if to a small things.
2. Submission. Once your idea is not accepted, you must accept it. Do not frown nor complain no matter
                        how  you work for that thing.
3. No overlapping. I thought that only farmtown omits this idea of layering crops. It also happens in every
                              organization. Starting today, I will never volunteer myself to a certain project. I will stick
                              to the assigned task.
4. My baby Chloe started to use a baby walker.
5. In a certain castle, there must be only one king and one queen. What do you think will be the effect if
    there are two queens in one castle?
6. Creating badge using psd is a new found skills that I am enjoying.
7. Having great friends are worthy to be cherished.
8. Making a into a social networking is great way of connecting to our students.
9. Having a magnetic bracelet is one way that I mellow down myself from stress and problems.
10. Defacating with blood is one of the worst thing that happened to me. It still continue until now, I'm
      planning to see a doctor by Saturday if it still persist.
11.  I missed my hubby and baby everytime, I go out for work.
12. Cooking is one of my skills that I had learned when I was still in elementary.
13. I compute the grades earlier than before.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top EC droppers

 I would like to say sorry for my friends that I just posted this late. Honestly, I was just a neophyte to this entrecard, secondly I didn't know when to start counting the drops. I mean, there is statistics,right? But I didn't  when that counting starts.
As of now, this is what reflected in my stats for ec droppers. A million thanks to all of you.

EC Dropper # of drops 13 13
Yacochuya 11
Jim Leasure 10
Hudsonian Weblog 9
Jack's Home Improvement 8
Home Insurance Online 8
4thtenor's Home Improvement 6
Syriaalaan dot com 6
Twinsanity 3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"2nd Prize Winner for BOH Birthday Contest"

     When my husband and I were about to go home after work. He happily announced to me that I won the contest of BOH contest. I was so happy to know it. I didn't expect that I had won. When we arrived home, I cooked right away. Then we ate. After eating, I rushing faced at the computer and check the result. Alas, I really won.

Second Prize:
The Safe Mode

$30 + 24 500 ECs + Pair of Earrings + AD Spaces
Isn't amazing!!! This is really amazing.. Thanks LIZ for your wonderful contest.

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