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What is a Domain name?

 Domain name a trademark that defines an arena control of internet. It is used in different networking which is sometimes we refer as website address. If you noticed when you were ask by somebody what is your email add. You gave her Perhaps some of them gave you or These com, info, net, org are popular domains. Having your own domain name has a lot of  advantages. These are the following advantages of having a domain

1. You can extend a sub-domain. Sub-domain is creating another name but uses the same domain. like one of my sub- domains is   you can add up to ten        sub-domains depending on your website host.

2. It attracts more advertisers. Having a domain means you have purchased it. You pay it monthly or quarterly so you have to maintain your website by posting interested articles, visiting your friends, leaving some comments.Through these, you will increase your website popularity or traffic, thus, advertisers will be motivated to accept your applications in get to paid post or paid to post.
 If you are willing to have your own domain, you should purchased it.You can purchased it with the use of  paypal.  Buying a domain really cost you some penny. This is the reason why I have not own a domain for this blog. I am trying to buy it but I do not have enough resources at this moment. I am motivated to keep this blog updated everyday as possible for I just recently have my pagerank. This pagerank may be lost, maintained or increase its rank depending on my hard work. However ,in a short period of time in maintaining this website, I had achieved the fruit of labor. I am just wishing that this will continue. This is the reason why I want to win this domain contest.

I would like to mention Glitter Page for hosting this contest.

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yea. this article is really helpful for newbies. :) keep it up. :P


great info sis....thanks for sure a lot of people will benefit this post....:)

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good luck sis :)


I try to save money to keep my blogs and domain. its not easy as the hosting I am using so costly. :(

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Domain names are bought from domain name "registrars". Later in this article I will tell you which registrars market inexpensive domain names.


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