Saturday, December 5, 2009

Follow me and I will follow you Campaign!

This is my campaign for this year 2009. I made this blog since 2008 yet this is not been productive. So, my wish for this year is to raise a campaign " Follow me and I will follow you". Having a follower can be great advantage in increasing a traffic and gain some friends. So if you want a follower, you can count on me but I need you to follow me too. Okiez!

Here is my request:

1. Once you follow me, I seriously follow you by visiting your blog everyday and I will leave a comment. So, I will be expecting you will do the same thing.

2. If you have a badge, we can ex change links the badge.

Follow me on:

twitter:   burn_078

Happy blogging!

5 power mind speaks:

kc cordero

hi! just saw your comment at jomari lee's blog :)


thanks for dropping by



I will visit your blog regularly, but you don't have to visit mine if you don't feel like doing it.

So you're disappointed by the New Moon. Twilight and New Moon were both filmed here in Vancouver, British Columbia. I've seen the original cast in a restaurant because I happened to be seated beside their table. Nobody seemed to recognize them but me, maybe because the younger set were not in the restaurant.



hello! :D


very nice campaign sis....:) have followed this blog na rin....pwede ma grab yung badge mo...dko kasi nakita...ehehe!

salamat tuod sa dalaw ug comment....musta ang pretty nga titser diha? dako na si Chloe nimo?

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