Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen # 1

13 things made me Mad today!

1. I don't have money.
2. I have lots of things to do but didn't able to make it, Like scrap booking until
now I wasn't able to finish it.
3. There is misunderstanding between me and my hubby.
4. We had a fight with my mother.
5. I wasn't able to buy dress for my baby.
6. The christening is still the source of argument.
7. My computer acted up.
8. My phone is also acting up, I could type the word properly.
9. I was left alone.
10. I didn't eaten my lunch.
11. My baby keeps on crying.
12. Still we didn't settle the problem..
13. I broke a plate while washing the dishes...

Bad Thursday! Now, I am controlling my temper. Good thing that I do this blogging and I came to visit Donna's blog. Got an idea then. So I join... This is the best thing i ever did today. I able to release my emotions. Thanks Donna.

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6 power mind speaks:

Americanising Desi

awww i hope and pray things between u and ur hubby become better.
it really isnt all that neat to have troubles like quarrels!


@ Americanising Desi.... thanks...One thing that I like in our relationship,we manage to settle it before the day ends. It really gives us troubles if there is a fight with your love ones..


If we are talking of problems hmmm what we have to do is find a great solution, have peace of mine and trust to the one above also pray. I am there so I can relate...

Living It, Loving It

Number 1 applies to me too! Money makes the world go around and it is the source of all marriage problems. Thanks for visiting my blog.


hmmm...#10 reminds me that I havent eaten my lunch yet. it's 2:30 now.lolz

by the way, thanks for the visit and comment.


Cool! Thanks for the mention! I enjoy Thursday 13. I've found some great new blogs!

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