Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy with new TV

My auntie,who lives in California called last Saturday. She told me how their life changed when they moved on the said place.Her latest update about her new satellite tv provider. Her husband researched the best satellite tv provider, and they came up with direct tv. It offers wide variety of direct tv services such as different programs to choose from like family, movies, HD programs, sports, business/news and international; number of channels ranging from 45 channels up to 265 plus, can be installed in a minimum of one room and maximum of four rooms. Moreover, it offers different direct tv system that suits your preference and budget.

Her family totally happy with their direct tv. She even recommends it to her friends who happened to used unsatisfied cable provider. As a result, they switched to direct tv. What about you? Planning to shift to best quality satellite provider? Now, its your time to order for they offer big discounts.

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Congrats sa new TV nyo! Thanks sa pag comment at pag visit sa blog site ko. 3 lang yung site na ginawa ko, mahirap i-update lalo na kung may work every day.

Cge ingat at congrats din sa pagiging Pregnant mo. Sana nga magkaroon na din kami. hehehe.


Satellite TV has become one of the greatest technological inventions of today. Only few years back cable tv operators had a monopoly in the pay television industry, and within that time frame there are 30 million satellite TV subscribers.

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