Sunday, May 11, 2014

3 Ways to Make your Mom Happy

Being a mother is the true essence of being a woman. It's the most tough job that every mother ever encountered. Every seconds a mother must have to instill values to her children. Wash every clothes, clean the house, do the grocery (which we love most!), cook for the family, doing all the household chores, planner, organizer, builder, first aider, and everything. It's a 24 hour job without any overtime but there is no complain coming from a mother's mouth for she loves her family so much.

Today, it's high time to give her a break. Here are some practical ways to celebrate the Mother's Day without spending too much.

1. Let her be the Boss this day. Free the mother from household chores. Let her just sit down and giver her a massage. Cook food for her or you can serve a breakfast on bed.

2. Make a paper flower and a card. There are lots of tutorials in the internet how to do it.

3. Invite her and all the rest of the family members to attends mass. During the peace be with you, hand in your card, give her a hug and kiss her. Say the magic word. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her.

Remember, it will take you a lot of courage of doing it if you are not used to it. Pray God to give you courage and perseverance so you can do the 3 simple steps to make your mom happy.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 3 Secrets of Staying Healthy

No one would like to live in a miserable and sedentary life. But how come there are lots of people who are living on it. We are given God's will to do what is right and not. It will take a lot of courage, discipline and determination to do it. As a person, who has been through life's challenges, trials and success. I am going to share to you my Top 3 secrets of staying healthy

 1. Positivity. I used to have negativity vibes in my teenage life. Now, that I mature I learned that having positive attitude could contribute to success and better improvement. All the things happened in my life I treated them or looked at them that it has or it will have positive results. Such as, I had an experienced of falling hair, the condition was called "Telogen Effluvium". It is characterized by shredding/ falling of hair due to eating disorder,emotional stress. That stage of life made me stronger to face the other side of me. I shaved my hair and I found out that I had a very circle shape head. And because of that experienced, I did not skipped any meal. No matter how small it will be as long as I ate before or when my tummy started to asked for food.

  2. Exercise and Good Nutrition. I used to take diet pills when I was 26. I also took another diet pills after I gave birth. Although, I knew it that anything medicines taken it has side effects. As a result, I may consider this crash diet as one of the contributing factors of my Telogen Effluvium condition. Now as part of my motivation is to wear bikini during summer, I enrolled in PRT. Me and my hubby do religiously attended the sessions. I am watchful with my diet. I must not exceed in 1 cup of carbo per meals. I never eat pancit canton with bread nor spaghetti, burger and fries. It will fires you up with lots of calories. If discipline doesn't favor that time and gluttony strikes in, surely burning the body into the gym must be nailed.

  3. Put God at Center of your Life A person who lives through and by the word of God, will have a happy and satisfied disposition in life. But sometimes, when I am in the blaze of glory I tend to forget HIM. That is the reason, that I do faced some trials. I am so proud that I surpass those times for I remembered HIM. This made me realized that in everything I achieved in life, no matter how small it was or it will be, whether is it success or failures, good or bad, I always recognized HIM. That He has a plan for me. That everything has it's purpose or reason.
What about you? Do you have secrets of staying healthy? Come on, let have a sharing...


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