Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Wish List for my Birthday

October 7 is my birthday. I will be turning to 29 years old. Huh! Quite old isn't it? But I didn't consider myself as old. I am still young to enjoy everything here on Earth. I have lots of things like to do and to own. I will confess that there are things that I haven't experience it, like going to other country and engage in an extreme activities. Although I have time to do those stuff.

Speaking of things that I want to own. Woman like me really likes accessories like sunglasses, jewelries, watches, shoes and bags. These are considered as indispensable tool for women. I don't know but I can't help it. I really love those shining, mesmerizing,glittering, and stunting materials which  I am dying to own it. I wrote this in my wish list gifts so my husband could read it and I wish he will buy one for me. I even included the name of the website for each item so it will be easy for him to purchase since he will be buying it  in online. Convenient in his part for it is just online shopping. However, I don't like to entrust all those wish gifts that I have listed, I'd prefer that he will buy SUJB07P1 Seiko Ladies Steel Dress Watch. As a celebrant, I wanted to buy this oversize sunglasses and this silver studs as a gift to myself. Or maybe, if my bff (best friends forever) will read this, and may she will be blessed with generous heart and decided to buy one for me as my birthday presents. I will be happy if she will buy this fashionable designer bag.

Gosh, time is running. Today is September 6. I got one month and 1 day to prepare for my big day. I can't wait to receive all my wish list gifts.

To my husband and my bff, start saving your money honey.

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